Not too bad

Today, for the first time in awhile, I did not cry and I smiled. It was a good day. I hope it stays like this or get even better.

I’m over it

I feel like a person can only take so much. I’m being treated as if I cheated on him when all that happen was I let my depression take over my emotions and let it get the best of me. I am not a bad person. I think I’m just going to have to move … More I’m over it

I’m sorry

I’m sorry that I’m not okay with this separation. I’m sorry that I wish you would talk to me everyday like you use to. I’m sorry that I wish I could hear the sound of your voice. I’m sorry that I wish I can see your beautiful face. I’m sorry that I wish I can … More I’m sorry


I booked a trip to Florida in 2 weeks. I need this break. Everything is just going so wrong. 

Hello, my name is Angie and I have severe depression and slight bipolar. And I have no idea how to be happy on my own or with myself.


So my boyfriend (yes he broke up with me recently but I can’t call him an ex yet especially when he keeps reassuring me it’s just a break and we’ll get back together) hits me up saying “there’s a lot of shit going on” and I don’t know maybe it’s the cynic in me thinking … More Blah


I’m trying to get use to this blogging thing although it’s weird for me. Everything I start I usually give up on. This is my 3rd day of writing and I still can’t believe there’s at least 1 person out there who would read my blog. I guess I find it quite embarrassing hence why … More Ugh


Does anyone know any good books to read for when you’re down? Or anything that helps motivate you when you’re down? I’m not talking about random little “inspirational quotes” I mean the real deal. Or any other suggestions or what did you guys do to pass time? Thanks.